Congratulation!! You bought your first home and the day before closing your loan officer says " Who is your insurance agent?" OH, NO! Just give us a call and we will jump right on it!We will also take the time to explain coverage. HO1,HO2, Replacement, personal property, personal business property, liability,  sewer backup, water seepage, foundation, condo, townhome, pier and beam, slab,  extended coverage, jewelry limits, . We understand all this lingo and can help you  chose the right policy with the right company for you. With more than 20 companies to choose from we have the right policy for you.


"I don't own a home, I don't need insurance" Wrong!

" My stuff ain't worth nuthin, I don't need ins" Wrong

Replacing your personal items after a fire, theft, storm, water leak or one of the many other possible perils can be expensive and time consuming. Let our agents help you chose a custom policy to ease this burden if it happens to you.

In insurance terms rising water is different from a water pipe or water heater in your home leaking water. You just want your home protected. Many people don't realize the need for a separate policy, as most companies do not cover flood on homeowners policies. Let us help make sure you are protected from every angle.

Coastal living is the ultimate dream for many of us and Texas has a lot of coast line and beaches to choose from. If you have found your dream home on the beach, give us a call and let's make sure your home has the proper coverage in case of a hurricane, hail storm, high winds, or wind driven rain. Tell us what you need and we will find the right policy for you.