For most of us, " car insurance" was our first exposure to insurance. It started with mom and dad saying " if you want a car someday, you'd better get a job and save your money to help pay for insurance" Years later, most folks can tell you how much their deductible would be in the event of a claim, however, few know their liability limits. We know you have a lot of moving parts in your life and need a good agent to help you understand enough about insurance to make an intelligent purchase. You wouldn't buy a car without knowing which peddle is the brake and which is the gas... don't buy insurance from another agent without knowing the basics of the coverages you are paying for.  The reason we offer so many options is that there is no right answer to the question " what coverage do you want". We want to personalize your policy for YOU,  so that you get the coverage you want without wasting YOUR hard earned money.


Liability Limits, collision, comprehensive, other than collision, uninsured/under insured motorist, med. Pay, PIP, classic car, business use, business class, towing, roadside assistance, rental reimbursement, glass/windshield, personal property, trailer, RV, Motorhome, specialty

Is your car your baby or just a lifeline to work or school? Either way we have a policy for you.  To us, it is just as important to have the correct coverage if you own a 1968 Ford Mustang convertible fully restored or a 1978 pinto with a cracked windshield. We want your business on both. However, we may have to take the Mustang for a test drive ( just kidding). Please call the office nearest to you for a free quote on whatever you drive or tow.